Science arguments
    God didn’t know how to divide time
    Dinosaurs and man aren’t created by God
    God created nothing
    Noah’s ark is not good enough
    The flood was a lie
    Not every species could enter the ark
    Unaccounted creation
    God lied to man
    Magic water created
    Rainbow as the sign of no floods
    The universe was created in one day!!!!
    Man isn’t special
    The tree of good and evil does nothing
    The serpent wasn’t cursed
    Death is an evolutionary mishap
    The garden of Eden isn’t protected
    The great flood was a bad idea
    Killing is something god should be used to
    God doesn’t know math’s and he isn’t the only creator
    How God was created
    The law of magic
    And God said to man ‘do not attempt to grow a brain’ God likes chaos
    We don’t need God to create a language
    Contradictory and merciless God tries to cover his tracks
    The mind of a desperate human
    The lucky start
    Logic in shepherds coming to Mary
    The magic star
    What did God do to us?
    Trying to justifying the pain
    The confused savior wants to be popular
    The resurrection of Christ is a folk tale
    Prayers are useless
    World record!!!  Jesus died more than once
   Freewill argument
   The bible is a sore loser
    The bible judged the book by it’s cover
    Angels are chasing the wind
    New earth in revelations can’t last
   The bottomless pit has a bottom it’s not bigger than the diameter of the earth
    The big water hole in the sky that never fills the earth

    God likes to pick man on the sore wound
   Reduction in species
   Making and destroying the soul by man
   God still doesn’t like you enough/ racial profiling in heaven
   Diamonds a girls best friend is also god’s
    We stopped judgment day, God’s never coming

 The text of the bible is rather silly and I judge it by critising what it says without interpretations since if it is written in some form of riddle that no two people will ever at one time agree what it means I cannot understand it or disapprove it. Christians argue the existence of their God is an obvious truth yet their most substantial evidence the bible is contradictory to basic common sense. I intend to prove the bible is wrong by checking the beginning, middle and the end (Genesis, Luke and Revelations).
SCIENCE’S ARGUMENT: The main scientist discard the existence of supernatural beings is because it cannot be investigated. A being that created everything that exist is highly unlikely would not leave irrefutable proof of its existence.
It is known that organic matter can be derived from inorganic matter by subjecting water vapor; methane and ammonia to an electrical discharge (lightning) and in calm conditions like lagoons possibility of life being formed are good compared to the unproven theory by Christians. It is a puzzle how and what the soul acts in a being since all of the actions are either reflex or compulsory action.
GOD DIDN’T KNOW HOW TO DIVIDE TIME In the creation theory it shows how organized time was since they could divide time into days and years. If this is true and time started to be dated since the dawn of time why then is it that time is dated as B.C. and A.D. . . . You have to ask yourself if it was not obvious for everyone to know when Jesus would come since they were counting down to the birth of Jesus and since the birth of Jesus was a mystery then the time division was not there.
DINOSAURS AND MAN AREN’T CREATED BY GOD If earth was made in 7 days then we have to assume human and dinosaurs existed at the same time. yet human’s fossil and dinosaur fossil have a big time frame difference so they were not created at the same time, and since dinosaurs existed before man they had to have existed before the supposed creation of the earth. Since they were also herbivores and the plants need sunlight and the other necessities like soil and water this earth is good enough with out all the power
GOD CREATED NOTHING The bible says in the beginning God was roaming on the waters of the earth so earth existed without God, some versions of the bible say he first created heaven and earth but this doesn’t fit in the six-day time frame when everything was created so it can’t be taken into consideration. Water contains Hydrogen and Oxygen and both can start an entire civilization. Hydrogen can make a star and it can form other elements such as helium so if God ever did do anything it is only accelerating the inevitable.
NOAH’S ARK IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH For the sake of argument let’s continue, Noah’s ark was intended to prevent extinction of the pre existing species and since no text in the bible states the extinction of dinosaurs we have to assume they still exited so a pair of all those heavy species went into the ark. The pressure applied by all the dinosaur family like mammoth, tyrannosaurus elephants and this is only a taste of what was there and a wooden boat supporting such weight is impossible.
THE FLOOD WAS A LIE The great flood covered the highest mountain and water came from under ground and from heaven and this water sank down later and blown away. The earth is round, water blown would go round, and round and the hydrological cycle is the cycle of water. The earth was like a bucket of water-saturated soil and no place for the water to go such a flood would ever end. The only reason wind was used was because they believed the earth was flat and like blowing away a drop of water from the table this was how they expected wind would remove the water.
NOT EVERY SPECIES COULD ENTER THE ARK Each continent has its own distinct species and some are completely separated from the other by ocean an animal swimming across the ocean is impossible plus insects which couldn’t fly would never make it. This explains that not all the species existing could have reach the ark
UNACCOUNTED CREATION God created light on the first day and heavenly bodies on the forth day and since the day dawned and set on him, he could not be producing the light himself and the bible never stated the demise of it so what really happened to it? He lied or whatever but the point is simply imperfection is seen from the perfect and since perfect cannot do imperfect deeds he is also imperfect.
GOD LIED TO MAN God gave man the task of naming all living beings yet he did not name microorganism that later on where knick named demons and praised God for curing them. Is this the way he intends to keep man loyal to him? Letting him praise him for what he did not do since the one who need to be praised are our anti bodies why ask a bubble boy? This misleading led to such terms as unclean and possessed but it’s all good since we made a back up plan and it a pill you swallow not bow down and wait for your demise.
MAGIC WATER CREATED Before the great flood it never rained so what happened when water reached 100 degrees Celsius? According to the bible, the hydrological cycle is all wrong since in Noah’s time water came from heaven even in the last days in revelations with the two great prophets. what happens in the past and will happen in the future is definitely happening know, so when it rains a big door is opening in the sky so we should probably cast away the facts that support the hydrological cycle and follow the bible. That would make you a blind believer, which you might be but never thought about it and I am not making fun of since I was once like you.
RAINBOW AS THE SIGN OF NO FLOODS The rainbow signifying peace is another lie since rainbows are naturally occurring phenomena. They appear mostly after rain explaining the link with ‘I shall never kill man with floods again’ it also would have happened in water falls in those days, was water, or light be witched so it wouldn’t act as it does? If you think this is a possibility then every thing in world is wrong every act said to magical always can be disapproved simple example are magicians.
THE UNIVERSE WAS CREATED IN ONE DAY!!!! The bible says the universe was created in one day (the heavenly bodies). Then this means all stars should be twins which is not the case, some are dying some are dead others are being born. To prove this a super nova of a dying star’s light takes millions of light years to reach earth the time it takes to reaches here the star is dead. So with the life span of the star plus how long its last rays took to reach us compared to the age of the earth, which is quite young we can conclude the earth came after the star by a margin of millions of years so stars existed long before earth disapproving the creation story.
MAN IS NOT SPECIAL Ingredients for man were mud and the breath. This was supposed to mean we are special, but special beings should be unique yet angels can give a human female a child. thus we belong to the same species and worst of all they live for ever and have all sorts of powers, this is not equality or superiority it is inferiority to the ones who are supposed to be made for the our sake. To make it complete there are species which are outdoing us and testing the theories set out by the bible like an organism that can live forever (check daily galaxy website to see the entire text). Therefore, if we can use its DNA to make us immortal we do not need the tree of life any more. Anyway, the cutting short of our lives will be reversed so if we can change every law in the bible who is in control? In addition, the bible states God stopped us from eating from the tree of life so we may not become like him. So man plus knowledge plus eternal life= God but were does super powers get in but what can you expect from an uneducated human mind which obviously wrote the bible.
THE TREE OF GOOD AND EVIL DOES NOTHING The tree of good and evil can not have affected man’s judgment since a person can mislead you to believe right is wrong and vice versa provided you are ignorant of the truth so how does the knowledge of good and bad apply in real life? That is why we have very good liars.
THE SERPENT WASN’T CURSED The serpent was cursed to crawl on its belly they other animals do the same like snails and slugs further more they do not eat dirt but flesh and if so then a snake put in a swimming pool of dirt can survive. Then why do snake owners put food in a snake jar full of dirt? The serpent was cursed to bite the heel of the woman yet it bites all the prey it gets. It usually avoids humans and bites for self-defense and bites men there are snakes without teeth like the egg snake so how are they supposed to bite and which species of snake is cursed since pretty much all of them bite.
DEATH IS AN EVOLUTIONARY MISHAP The ultimate curse death is rather confusing since all species do die so what did they do to deserve to die? They did not eat from any tree. After denying us the right of eternal life he goes ahead and gives it to us in the New Testament, this is shows confusion and worst of all he involves his only son. He could have easily prevented this by giving it to us in the beginning, for a person why sees the future this is a twisted plan not worthy of a superior being.
THE GARDEN OF EDEN ISN’T PROTECTED The Garden of Eden was protected by a flaming sword showing two phobias fear of death by the sword that was common in those days and fear of the fire. This was a plan concocted by the most clever mind in the universe to protect his valuable commodity it does not look like it so let’s make a test to confirm that. Step 1 go to the most smarted person you know and ask him what he would do to protect what he liked most. Step 2 you are then told that a more clever person has an even better idea, but when you hear it is the swords I’d say you’d be very disappointed so does it sound like the smarted idea but the idea of a pre historic mind make sense now?
THE GREAT FLOOD WAS A BAD IDEA The destruction of life forms in Noah’s time was badly done since aquatic animals flourished with plenty of space and food so was it an all out war on all living creatures or terrestrial animals. Since animals don’t even go to heaven and never did anything bad to God it is only fair if they are going to be killed they kill all of them. So he should have boiled the water or something and even better who would believe a whole human race looking at extinction did not think of a way survive with an ark staring at them come one we are not sheep going blindly to one our death.
KILLING IS SOMETHING GOD SHOULD BE USED TO So God threw a fit for Cain killing his brother yet in the animal world killing of even of fellow siblings is a normal every day event  secondly the event was due to lack of control over his emotions this is not a cold blooded serial killer. Lastly we kill each other every day so why then not give a personal visit to every killer since he is a responsible creator? I mean there are people who kill in flocks and they sleep soundly at night yet Cain killed only one person and he gets cursed. This sound like a tale to assure the faint hearted there will be justice and the world is not fair.
GOD DOESN’T KNOW MATHS AND HE ISN’T THE ONLY CREATOR In Cain’s time 4 people existed his parents him and his brother, he killed his brother and was punished to roam the earth. He said people out there would kill him but no one was out there and even better, God approved their existence by saying 7 lives would be taken if he was killed and in a world of 3 people this would mean extinction of the human race and still three left. So if God knows mathematics then there is another creator out there since the all-knowing bible did not specify he created them and there are gods out there according to the bible these are the ones who gave Moses’ competitors powers. So these outsiders were many, at least more than five and this was were Cain must have found a wife. So you just could be a half cast of God’s and the other creator or a pure child of the unnamed god so if you believe the bible believe me when I tell you might not be worshiping your real creator.
HOW GOD WAS CREATED Looking at human nature it is obvious we have an urge to know who is better, who rules who seen by us proclaiming the lion and eagle kings of their respective group and we ourselves have such organizations. The man at the top is supposed to make the one at the bottom as comfortable as possible, and the discontent nature of humans coupled by other emotions make this quiet impossible. Therefore, the religion came in as a means of finding the ultimate defender of the weak and the tendency of humans to believe what they hear without questioning led to the spreading and new adaptations being formed. The Israelite God was unique with the promise of eternal life, equality among men and so forth so more converters led to the wide spread of the Christian beliefs. What most disturbs me about Christians was when they were being persecuted it was inhumane yet they on the other had when killed witches with the full understanding of the sympathy expected by Christians and that will be the same guy in the church fully confident he will go to heaven. If they laws never interfered maybe even today I would suffer the same fate in the hands of paranoid Christians.
THE LAW OF MAGIC The rate of supernatural events seems to be decreasing like vampires fairies you name it mainly because people are losing interest in such thing. With this you can form a law that states ‘the rate of supernatural occurrence is directly proportional to the attention given to it provided the rumors formed are kept constant.’
AND GOD SAID TO MAN ‘DO NOT ATTEMPT TO GROW A BRAIN’ GOD LIKES CHAOS the tower of Babel story God says he should stop man since our unity allows us to do whatever we want were not supposed to realize our full potential. I think we all believe unity is good all man living in harmony would be the end of war and the beginning of paradise. Lack of it leads to chaos so God brought chaos to us so we would not become independent so he is a God of chaos who I am supposed to worship that is like worshiping the devil and the morals you can obtain from this text shows how much the bible contradicts itself.
WE DON’T NEED GOD TO CREATE A LANGUAGE Creation of languages by God’s will is a lie since even today we are creating languages and this doesn’t comply with stopping development in that time. So the best way to prove this is simply make sure communication between humans is possible and with interpreters so we defeated the God but why then did a being that knew the future bother making a barrier that we were able to overcome is he that stupid?
CONTRADICTORY AND MERCILESS GOD TRIES TO COVER HIS TRACKS God killed children in Noah’s flood Sodom and Gomorrah, choose a specific group of people to be his own. He does not treat all people yet he said he does he kills children yet he says they are of a pure heart it is like listening to a politician, they speak of the opposite of what they intend to do. Now in the Old Testament God said an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth an then in the new testament forgive your brother and if he slaps you let him slap you again. In addition, he is supposed to be alpha and omega the same God forever and ever but this is not the same, this is contradiction it was normal to kill some one for his mistakes. It becomes wrong God adapted or we are worshiping another God and since the bible refuses that, he cannot change so you must be worshiping two different beings.
How can Jesus’ story occur in real life? I will tell you.
THE MIND OF A DESPERATE HUMAN A woman has intercourse and gets pregnant, and is a wife to be so she goes to try to explain what happened which obviously is a lie but he does not buy it and in the moment of desperation pulls out the coup de grace by involving her pregnancy with God. Only a fool in those days would dare deny the word of God and his sub conscious reminded him of this in his dream, he willingly went back and when the baby was born, he was sure to explain he was not his daddy but he was the son of God. This boosted the ego of Jesus shown all throughout his ministry and him trying to understand his supernatural powers he had a lot of questions and theory explaining the way he amazed at the temple. He got his break when a couple of people at a festivity who had already drunk asked for more he served them water and the word of this drunk men is the proof water turned into wine.
THE LUCKY START So I should believe the word of a drunken man wine is a strong drink and in today’s judicial system, no such thing is done. Jesus gained popularity and everything he did after that was usually exaggerated to keep up with the picture of him they had in their minds. John the Baptist story is simple her aunt get pregnant supposedly with God and her aunt intends also to make his son worthy and he gets to hear his cousin is special and he also tries to be and in his mind Jesus is superior that’s why he said ‘I am not worthy to untie his sandals.’ Now the New Testament seems to be written by fishermen and why a fisherman knows how to write would a fisherman go to school? LOGIC IN SHEPHERDS COMING TO MARY the shepherd coming to Jesus is explained simply explained as this. Now this might come as a surprise to you but try to picture this shepherds go out to look for pasture and Mary goes to give birth in their manger. The shepherds come back and find a woman in labor and it is not as if they had a pressing engagement so they hang around and then a million white lies are set in the story from one person to the next and in the end, angels had something to do with his birth.
THE MAGIC STAR To the wise men, the star that led them was another lie. To say the star was pointing at Jesus is a lie, take into account how long it takes to reach earth it probably was pointing at dinosaurs and taken into account earth’s rotation and revolution the chance of this happening is rare. And for any one who has ever as a child thought of chasing the sun you’d know it’s impossible and since the star is a sun in it’s sense it then is not like a torch aiming at the top of a manger it light points every way. The wise men if really were following the star were maneuvering their way through the streets and heard a woman in labor and went to help. Giving birth in a manger must show poverty and probably why they decided to leave presents and the story always get a little spicing up.
WHAT DID GOD DO TO US? Man (Adam) lacks a rib for the creation of woman but that doesn’t explain why the offspring also don’t have a rib and if chimpanzee has 98% of our genetic structure they should also lack a rib so how do explain that? More easily to explain if your dad cut out his finger would that mean you would be born without a finger.
TRYING TO JUSTIFYING THE PAIN The woman was cursed to feel pain when giving birth but I think all animals experience the same thing since they have nerves so not all you have read about being unclean after giving birth and cursed to feel pain is true.
THE CONFUSED SAVIOR WANTS TO BE POPULAR So Jesus tried to bring change, which was not received nicely, you cannot just barge into a place making orders and expect people to sit back. He say’s he knew this in advance but he could not have that is why he made the entire speech about prophets not being accepted in their own town. and who is almost killed in their own town but repeats the same thing I’ll tell a person who believes he has a committed guardian angel any way if he wanted to die for us he should have let them push him off the cliff. He wanted to live and a person so committed to his beliefs would be falling down smiling, he didn’t know he was going to die he can’t see the future so he couldn’t tell about the cock crowing so if he saw the future he is a confused savior looking to become popular.
THE RESSURECTION OF CHRIST IS A FOLK TALE When he met his doom his followers would not have his body treated the way it did, they lost their master and they cannot even bury him. So they concocted up some plan and took it back, and for any one who has ever stolen you know the bets idea is to lay low and let things take their course and they did just that and rumors flied and guess one of them was resurrection of Christ. So Christianity made a great tale and people believed it enough to take over the world but the text of the bible is written through the mind of an early mythological science and I this is enough proof the whole bible is another story. For example, the bible says they do not write the entire because it would be too big to handle. Now if I were God I would know how to make a more efficient storage device like the flash disk so why not use it to store the bible, why not teach us to make it. On this point, I believe no break through in man is directly linked with God. In addition, if he really did want us to tell us how did this and that now we have enough storage space in the internet and so forth for the ‘big’ bible so why doesn’t he send it to us he knew we were going to make them. He is not so all knowing once you read the bible.
PRAYERS ARE USELESS prayers are supposed to be a means to God but I cannot understand why the people do not see this is a lie made to calm people. Prayers in the old days were accompanied by sacrifices later came the essence which was supposed to take the prayers to heaven and that is why the Israelites prayed when the smoke produced by the essence started to move up. The smoke in heaven is not taking prayers anywhere bringing the question what its use is. Moving on you should know that today no such thing is taken into consideration every time you bow your head. Therefore, when I close my eyes or do such an act we are some how making a phone call to God. This is telepathy then why in the Garden of Eden did he ask Adam where he was. Then ask a rhetorical question that he knew the answer punish us for eating from a tree that he knew we would and called us perfect in the beginning and then regret making us later on. This is not the characteristics of an all-knowing being he cannot have such; emotions over what he knew would happen.
WORLD RECORD!!!  JESUS DIED MORE THAN ONCE Jesus died for us and the bible suggests life is only on earth, so if the bible is correct we are the only beings that exist in the universe. Alternatively, the act of Jesus dying on the cross should not be special since if other alien race(s) went through the same thing with Jesus then Jesus is dying in different places all over the universe and this is not special. Since this is not the case a true Christian should not believe in E.T., and when they are found it should be enough proof that God does not exist.

FREEWILL ARGUMENT The bible states about the14400 these people pre ordained to go to heaven defy the free will belief since they don’t really have a choice of where to go just think about it since this number can’t increase or decrease that unborn baby fate has been written so where is his freedom?
THE BIBLE IS A SORE LOSER The bible as it showed cities condemned they mentioned a city and knick named it Sodom and Egypt. Egypt imprisoned the Jews and they are still not over this so making a bad name about their oppressors seems a good way to do this. This had to be the mind of a Jew who wanted Egypt to go down and prevent Sodom and Gomorrah from happening again.
THE BIBLE JUDGED THE BOOK BY ITS COVER Stars falling from heaven is impossible rather it should be the earth falling on the sun (size variation), furthermore how long would it take it to reach earth after that star has been exposed to an external force. However, in the mind of a person in those days who believed stars were small could believe so and not only would they take a long time to get here if they get too near we fry to death.
 ANGELS ARE CHASING THE WIND Wind held at the four corners of the earth shows the belief of the earth being flat since a sphere does not have any corners. Further more winds do not originate from the corners of the earth but from a region of high concentration ending in a region of low concentration. So how many angels will be needed in regions right now experiencing a sea or land breeze.
NEW EARTH IN REVELATIONS CAN’T LAST the new earth said in revelations says there is no need for the sun since God will be the light of the earth that has to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard. So all of the planets of our solar system, comets, meteors and all the other planets of the stars supposedly thrown to earth floating out there. That is like letting a baby the size of earth and bigger to do, as they like. That is chaos in space and for a plan; this will need a stupid person to destroy order in space just so that he himself can be in the spotlight.
THE BOTTOMLESS PIT HAS A BOTTOM IT’S NOT BIGGER THAN THE DIAMETER OF THE EARTH The bottomless pit where the locust came from can not be bottomless  I mean it’s in earth so it can’t be longer than the diameter of the earth. If it because of some divine powers imagine it being 1,000,000 light years deep how long would it take the locust to come out of it? And remember the deeper you go the hotter it becomes and living in temperatures that melt rock is impossible especially when you account this creature seemed to have every weapon of defense in the deadly animals, it’s a scary freak and it was one of the upcoming horror movies in those days.
THE BIG WATER HOLE IN THE SKY THAT NEVER FILLS THE EARTH In the end days the prophets were given the power to stop rain and they did so by blocking the doors of heaven and this means the hydrological cycle doesn’t exist so why then when plane fly into storms they don’t not sees that door in the sky or enter that very door and this big storage that gives us water never fills the earth after all the floods we’ve experienced. So is earth a sponge that cannot hold water since that is the only explanation. Since something that exists has characteristics a glimpse that at least partly supports it but this does not, it does not exist. Now the bible says that God gives rain to the bad and good. Does every part of the earth receive the same amount of rainfall? In addition, if we cut down every tree and destroy the entire ecosystem and a person is there will rain come to him? Simple the people in the desert do not receive the same rainfall as those in the equatorial areas there is no divine equilibrium in division of how people get rain but the environment the person is living in defines it. Moreover, to show the entire neglect of the supposed all knowing God is simply is the bible never mentioning snow which is a form of precipitation and a person living in arid never made a snow man so this person will never write about snow thus showing the constriction of the human mind.
GOD LIKES TO PICK MAN ON THE SORE WOUND The bowls in revelations are the same as those in Moses he seems to have a liking on how to torture us so he is a serial killer who justifies this and he harms intentionally and repeats it compared to Cain he is the monster? He repeats a being with intelligence adapts, he should think he should adapt but he doesn’t why? Why is there repetition in the bible? Simple the mind that thought it up was not one so it could not adapt, one person after another came in to make his own story.
REDUCTION IN SPECIES The new earth in revelations has no seas leading to a decrease in populations in the aquatic life so what is it with not thinking ahead in the bible a superior intelligence should know this things.
MAKING AND DESTROYING THE SOUL BY MAN Now on earth we have the right to be the only creatures to go to heaven. So lets try to imagine that a human soul is the one that goes it heaven and it is either in your DNA or was stored somewhere to be stored. The creation of Adam and eve does not suggest this so we have to conclude it is your DNA. Therefore, human who mutates has no soul and since if his mentality is not affected we have to say a human does not have a soul since it does not do anything. The same goes to making a chimpanzee human.
GOD STILL DOES NOT LIKE YOU ENOUGH, THERE’S RACIAL PROFILING IN HEAVEN When john went to heaven he said the outside court was for gentiles and the inner good court for Jews and they don’t even believe in Jesus. Imagine the extra group, the 144,000 also happens to be Jews. Having racial discrimination even in heaven shows this place was not meant for the outsiders it like an unwanted guest and the only people who would not want to share their eternal life and glory are Jews and the bible was then written through the eyes of a Jew.
DIAMONDS A GIRLS BEST FRIEND IT’S ALSO GOD’S The place being made of precious stones and metal shows the urge of a human. A poor person’s heaven is rich and a place covered in gold and precious stones qualify for that, so why is a God who supposedly has no need for human riches use it?
WE STOPPED JUDGMENT DAY In the bible the judgment day will be only
 on earth so any human in space would escape judgment and since all humans need to be judged when we start living in space the expiry for judgment day would have reached and we have and we intend to make it permanent so we prevented it from ever happening, there will be no such thing.

The bible is a story of man trying to understand his destining on earth and how best to fulfill it. In addition, through time, the most popular win and this is Christianity. If ever there is a destiny for us it is to survive. The only true show of destiny and survival is the trial of the dominant species trying to survive. The earth one day will be inhospitable God or no God it is insensible to stare into your doom and do nothing about it. It is comforting to the people to know a person is watching over you but I prefer to go with the facts the only true show of faith is believing in yourself. 
If you have, any comments you can send them to muiruri.samuel@gmail.com thanks for logging in, see you next time.